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For over five years, Remote Interpreting has lead the way in redefining what it means to connect interpreters with those who may need their services the most. Our research, expertise, and experience with language access has been focused on helping our clients make the best use of the available services and equipment. Our goal is to ensure that considerations of distance and travel time no longer interfere with the decision process when providing language access.


The T3 line of products have earned a reputation for reliability and ease of use, providing clear audio and high-definition video without needing cumbersome installations or special equipment for the remote interpreter.

T3 Features

The T3 HD allows any interpreter with internet access and a touch-tone phone to remotely provide interpretation, allowing the interpreter to remotely control the audio output and even enabling private attorney-client discussions

  • Clear audio that gives the remote interpreter that ability to choose: They can address the whole room or just the non-English speaker with a push of a button.
  • High-definition video allows the non-English speaker to see who they're talking to
  • The T3 HD is mobile and can be deployed in minutes, only requiring a few connections to be ready for use
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